Jobs galore after Brexit…

I am a confirmed Remain supporter but I have to admit that Brexit will herald a new employment boom in one very specific area. If the UK leaves the EU there will be new opportunities within every company which exports goods or services to or imports from the Single Market.

  • What is this opportunity? The customs broker of course.

documentationIf we are not part of the Single Market then we are not part of the unified VAT, duty and excise system and we do not enjoy unfettered access to that market. Therefore every truck, every container, every pallette, every package, in fact every consignment of any size whatsoever leaving the UK for the EU will require full documentation to enter the Single Market and likewise anything coming the other way. We are currently trading inside a customs union but that may not be for long.

Is this likely to be a logistical problem? Anyone who crossed, for example, the road border from Germany into Poland before the latter joined the EU in 2004 will remember the miles – literally miles – of trucks queued back from the border in both directions. So yes, a logistical nightmare.

And that’s where the customs broker comes in. After Brexit all companies will need to keep a meticulous check on each and every manifest and invoice that is directed to or from the EU as it will be trade conducted outwith a customs union. Fun and games for the paper pushers.

Nevertheless, if you have a head for figures and fancy a new career take a look at training as a customs broker as it will be about the only growth industry in the UK if Brexit prevails…


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