Welcome to the Scottish Economic Analysis Unit

Back in the spring of 2014 when the Mainstream Scottish Media was ramping up the attacks on the YES campaign a few of us decided to start the Scottish Economic Analysis Unit. The idea was simple, answer key questions as openly and honestly as possible using that rather unique tool which the media was finding rather elusive – facts!


As we look forward to the Scottish Parliamentary Election in 3 months time with the European In-Out Referendum likely to follow in short order it is time that we start writing again.

Since 2014 we have existed only on Facebook and Twitter but it’s now time to add a blog to that.

Please read and share our views with as many as you can and please, please, please ask questions. Always questions.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Scottish Economic Analysis Unit

    1. That’s a super question Ross. As far as the scope of this unit goes it is to look at issues arising from the May election to Holyrood and the European referendum. As neither of these upcoming votes will create an independent Scotland then your question is perhaps suited to another time and another place.

      However I can assure you that there is a white paper being researched just now for publication later this year. The scope of that study is pretty much all-embracing but, nevertheless, you will appreciate that a glib reply in a forum such as this will not do your query any justice.

      I have added you to the mailing list for the white paper and you will be advised of the progress of that document regularly.


    2. Hello Ross. We will be publishing a piece either tomorrow or on Saturday on models of fair taxation in Scotland in the future. We sincerely hope that you will find the time to read this as it may answer your original question, at least in part.


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